Jean Trogneux

Jean Trogneux - Is Brigitte Macron a trans-woman born as Jean-Michel Trogneux?

Brigitte Macron, the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, has been accused of being transgender by some people on social media.

Are they right saying she was born as a man called Jean-Michel Trogneux?

Is it true or not? Let's find out together.

The Latest Tweets

On Twitter even exists a hashtag for this topic called #JeanMichelTrogneux.

The Hashtag Jean Michel Trogneux was placed in the top tweet for several days, following a video posted on YouTube.

Rumours say that she might have had gender reassignment surgery in 80's, or maybe she wants to appear more feminine than before.

People are also asking "Where is Jean-Michel Trogneux?" and sharing all different media and jokes.

No doubt it is coming from people who hates the President Macron and they don't want him to be elected again.

The claim that she was born as a man and became a woman after her marriage to Mr. Macron in 2014 escalated by people who don't want him to win the election again in 2022.

Rumours say that she might have had gender reassignment surgery, or maybe she wants to appear more feminine than before.

On the other side, there are some grey spots in the theory that might help build the hype on some social media.

Internet users engage in investigations and counter-investigations, publish evidence and counter-evidence.

Is it just a controversy? Slander to harm the Macron couple? For example, fake news inspired by those found in the United States, on Michelle Obama, A stupid, transphobic plot? A smear campaign before the presidential elections.

An incredible mess is full of copies of birth certificates, doctored photos, crazy theories, physical and biometric analyses, wedding invitations, death certificates.

In France, Le Monde has traced the story back to an article written on the far-right site Mediapart by a woman called Natacha Rey.

So, where did this rumour come from? Is it credible?

Have we reached the height of stupidity in terms of fake news?

Where are there elements that could make us think about this eccentric theory, namely that Brigitte Macron would be a transsexual and called, in truth Jean Michel Trogneux?

Let's try to verify together.

Brigitte Macron would be Jean Michel Trogneux: but where does this rumour come from?

We could hear a confident Natacha Rey, now removed from the platform, exposing her theory on Brigitte Macron's transsexuality to a clairvoyant named Amandine Roy.

The video was over 4.30 hours long, and Natasha Rey monopolised the floor, facing a person who lacked the journalistic skills necessary to ask the right questions at times.

Who is Natacha Rey?

Natacha Rey is a militant activist close to extreme-right circles. She is a self-taught, even improvised, citizen journalist to deal with this subject.

Very active on social networks, it presents itself as an anti-vaccine and, more generally, anti-system. According to her, the vaccination aims to "control the masses".

There is also the theory of the "new antichrist world order".

A theory that came from the United States in the 1960s has spread worldwide. Here is an excerpt from one of his publications, which can be found on the web:

As said above, we will not take into account the political ideas of this person, but the facts and only the facts.

To say that Natasha Rey is lying and to present her political opinions as the only counter-argument to dismantle her theory does not seem the best way to proceed.

It even gives ground to grind to the conspirators who support it.

"I contacted all the press, they all refused to publish me, but I was in discussions with the Chained Duck and Mediapart."

For her "investigation," Nathacha Rey claims that she was therefore in contact with several editorial staff, but only the journal "Facts & Documents" agreed to publish part of her theory and subsequently investigated.

From Natasha Rey at Facts & Documents

Natacha Rey, therefore, got in touch with a certain Xavier Poussard, director of the review "Faits & Documents". This "letter" is presented as a monthly newspaper covering one or more political news. Founded by Emmanuel Ratier, the journal prides itself on being read and printed on a massive scale in all the upper echelons of French political power.

Often classified on the far right, "Facts & Documents" has never received a complaint since its creation in 1996.

Today, with close ties to the polemicist Alain Soral's association Egalité et Réconciliation, the magazine enjoys popularity in hard-right, conspiratorial and anti-Zionist circles.

Xavier Poussard also stepped back from his investigation, stressing that Natacha Ray's comments in her YouTube video were hers alone.

A dubious investigation into the morphology of Brigitte Macron.

"The actual trigger is the physique of Brigitte Macron. I was embarrassed when I saw her. "These are Natacha Rey's opening words in this video, now deleted from YouTube.

"I have met many specialists. I met cosmetic surgeons, dentists, an endocrinologist. They all agreed with me that he was a transsexual.

"According to Natacha Rey, men have a bigger headbox, and Brigitte Macron would have this specific characteristic. The pseudo-journalist adds: "Her face shape doesn't exist in women.

The skin is also thicker than in a woman. Hair transplantation is also typical of a man. His blow is not graceful. "

Natacha Rey's argument seems to hold on to nothing or very little.

Feelings, a negative perception of the features of Brigitte Macron.

Physically analysing a person to claim that they are transsexual is nothing more than pure speculation.

But over more than 4.30 hours of video, the "criticisms" of Brigitte Macron's body give way to research on her life, which one might consider more "interesting".

Jean Michel Trogneux in the family photo

This is the starting point for Natacha Rey's "analysis" and her wacky theory.

The family photo of the Trogneux.

At the bottom left of the image, we find Jean Michel Trogneux. The whole "investigation" of Natacha Rey and Xavier Poussard revolves around this character. This little boy, Jean Michel Trogneux, is Brigitte Macron to oversimplify their theory.

The little girl sitting on Simone Pujol's lap is believed to be the child of Maryvonne Trogneux, who died in a tragic car accident with her husband.

However, the "official version" says that Brigitte Macron is the little girl on Simone Pujol's knees.

Natacha Rey bases her theory on the fact that, according to her, there is no longer any trace of the life of Jean Michel Trogneux, the boy on the far left with the plaid shirt.

Still, according to the journalist, Jean Michel Trogneux would be nowhere to be found on the web, no photo of him can be found, and he has disappeared.

Jean Michel Trogneux: really no trace?

Is Jean Michel Trogneux untraceable? But apart from this family photo, there is indeed no photo of Brigitte Macron's brother available on the Internet, which does not constitute proof in itself.

Natacha Rey tried to get in touch with him for three years without success.

However, Jean Michel Trogneux did not die and is now 78. Therefore, he is still alive and has not reacted to this case, which has been going on for several weeks.

Jean Michel Trogneux is perhaps a discreet man?

Maybe he is angry with his sister? Or has he changed his life? We do not know.

Jean Michel Trogneux on Geneanet

Jean Michel Trogneux's "signs of life" can be seen in part on the Geneanet site.

Is it a safe source? Not really. Indeed, Geneanet is a genealogy site open to everyone, powered by any user who has subscribed to a premium offer.

But Geneanet, which keeps the same principle as Wikipedia in the concept of "free work", is a real severe structure, bought by the giant American Ancestry, the world leader in genealogy on the web.

Therefore, it is a generally reliable site, but one which can be modified or contain errors, as sometimes on Wikipedia.

Jean Michel Trogneux is of course on Geneanet. His image is taken from this famous family photo presented above.

We have been investigating this case for several weeks, and Jean Michel Trogneux's page has been changed many times in the meantime.

It read, “Jean Michel Trogneux, the missing from Amiens”. A few days later, after the hashtag Jean Michel Trogneux gains momentum on Twitter, the page will be changed several times until Jean Michel Trogneux can no longer be found.

Then Jean Michel Trogneux's page was republished again, but without mentioning "the disappeared of Amiens".

If we consider that any premium user can edit a page, all theories are possible.

Natacha Rey could very well have created this page several months ago to validate her crazy approach?

Jean Michel Trogneux, the last appearance in May 2007?

A document posted on Twitter could dismantle Natacha Rey's theory.

There are minutes of a general meeting for the succession of the Trogneux cases, where Jean Michel Trogneux and Brigitte Trogneux are mentioned.

This document dates from July 31, 1993. Brigitte Trogneux, in 1993, had been married to André Louis Auzière since 1974 and divorced in 2006.

Why then do we find the name Brigitte Trogneux?

According to the magazine Faits & Documents, the Brigitte Trogneux mentioned would be Brigitte Poillion marries Trogneux, the second wife of Jean-Claude Trogneux. But the maiden name sometimes takes precedence over the married name for important administrative papers, such as shares in a company. So that's a possibility.

Is this then the only element that proves the existence of Jean Michel Trogneux?

By pushing the research, the last sign of life of Jean Michel Trogneux dates back to May 25, 2007, on another report.

Here is the document

Jean Michel Trogneux was, therefore, alive in 2007.

And contrary to what Natacha Rey insinuates, he would not have changed marital status in the 1980s to become Brigitte Trogneux.

However, one detail is challenging for those who believe in the conspiracy since the report dates from May 25, 2007, a few months before Brigitte's marriage to Emmanuel Macron.

According to Natacha Rey's theory, Jean Michel Trogneux would have had to become Brigitte Trogneux between May 2007 and October 2007, except that she indicates that this change occurred in her in the 80s.

These two elements could discredit the theory of Natacha Rey, who is convinced that Brigitte Macron would be Jean Michel Trogneux.

However, if the pieces of Jean Michel Trogneux's life seem difficult to find, apart from this family photo and these minutes, another man remains very mysterious.

This man is the first husband of Brigitte Macron, André Louis Auzière. And his story only further excites the conspirators and disturbs us as well.

Brigitte Macron's first husband, André-Louis Auzière

Brigitte Trogneux first married André-Louis Auzière in 1974, before meeting Emmanuel Macron.

Little information is available to the media about this relationship.

A wedding photo, which Natacha Rey says has been tampered with (we'll get to that later) and a school class photo of him standing near Brigitte.

So when we search for a picture of André-Louis Auzière on the web, we always come across this image:

This person next to Brigitte is not André Louis Auzière, but another teacher. The Check News service of Liberation had even investigated this person presented on the web as Brigitte's husband. It's a certain M. Higot, a French teacher.

So what does André Louis Auzière look like?

No trace of André-Louis Auzière?

André-Louis Auzière was born in 1954 in Cameroon, was a banker at Crédit du Nord, married Brigitte at the age of 22 and left the family home and her three children when he learned that his partner saw Emmanuel Macron secretly.

The story of André-Louis Auzière is as intriguing as it is surprising.

The story of André-Louis Auzière is as intriguing as it is surprising.

In an interview for Paris Match, his daughter, Tiphaine Auzière, says her banker father is "a nonconformist man".

Married to Brigitte and father of three children, he will leave everything to live another life, far from his children and go his partner with a teenager.

Ten years later, it was only before Brigitte and Emmanuel's marriage that they divorced. André-Louis Auzière, therefore, remained married for ten years, although he had left his partner and children.

Anne Fulda, the author of the book '" Emmanuel Macron, a young man so perfect ", wrote this while speaking of Brigitte Macron: "She hardly evokes André-Louis Auzière, her former banker husband.

Out of modesty, discretion. Because there are things she doesn't want, can't say?

"In 2017, during the presidential election, international journalists tried to interview André Louis Auzière, to no avail.

In an article in Gala magazine entitled "As if he had never existed!", We can read a passage from the author Sylvie Bommel: "Passionate about this enigmatic man, English journalists searched everywhere, finding nothing."

André Louis Auziere died in Paris in 2019.

The media only learned of this death in October 2020, following an interview with Tiphaine Auzière given at Paris Match.

To contradict Natacha Rey's theory (that André Louis Auzière does not exist), the Valeurs Actuels demanded her death certificate. Here it is :

This debunking was not enough to silence the rumours about the non-existence of André Louis Auzière.

In fact, in this interview with Paris Match, Brigitte Macron's daughter indicates that she buried her father on December 24.

However, the death certificate mentions his father's death on December 24 at 6:35 p.m. Therefore, it is unlikely that the burial took place on the day of death.

According to the Geneanet site, Andre Louis Auziere would have died on December 24, 2019, but cremated (and not buried).

To make Natacha Rey's theory credible, either Tiphaine Auzière made a mistake in her father's funeral date, or the journalist from Paris Match poorly transcribed Tiphaine Auzière's words on the death certificate was did not indicate the actual date of death.

Everything is possible.

But then, Brigitte's children?

If according to Natacha Rey, André Louis Auzière does not exist and Brigitte Macron is in fact Jean Michel Trogneux ... who are the parents of Tiphaine, Sébastien and Laurence Auzière?

Hold on tight, according to Natacha Rey, Jean-Michel Trogneux would have had three children with a certain Catherine Auzière, née Audoy.

"If she's not the mother of three children, then she's the father," Natacha Rey says during her video.

"I looked for women with the name Auzière. I found a Catherine Auzière. She looks like Sebastien Auzière. "

Catherine Auzière, née Audoy, ​​is married to a certain Jean Louis Auzière. According to the theory of Natacha Rey, André Louis Auzière (the 1st husband of Brigitte Macron) would therefore be an invented character.

Consequently, they would have taken the elements of the life of Jean-Louis Auzière, the real husband of Catherine Audoy, ​​to "create" the life of André Louis Auzière.

Besides the fact that it bears the name Auzière, Natacha Rey's theory goes further.

While searching on the Facebook page of this famous Catherine Auzière, she would have found paintings that would represent Tiphaine, Sébastien and Laurence Auzière, the children of Brigitte Macron.

As these are paintings, the likeness is only an interpretation of Natacha Rey. So this does not serve as a formal proof.

Here is a capture from Natacha Ray's video, where she presents a painting by Catherine Auzière.

According to Natacha Ray, this painting is the portrait of young Laurence Auzière.

Laurence Trogneux's birth announcement

We find the document that most undermines the theory of Natacha Rey, the birth announcement of Laurence, the daughter of Brigitte Macron, signed by Mr and Mrs Auzière-Trogneux.

We find the document that most undermines the theory of Natacha Rey, the birth announcement of Laurence, the daughter of Brigitte Macron, signed by Mr and Mrs Auzière-Trogneux.

This point undermines Natacha Rey's theory since we would have found "Mr and Mrs Audois-Trogneux" if Laurence Trogneux were the daughter of Jean Michel Trogneux and Catherine Audios.

But part of this document raises questions.

Indeed, as nothing is simple in this story, there is another invitation above the message.

An announcement from a confident Claude Macron married another Brigitte (who therefore have nothing to do with the current President of the Republic and the First Lady).

Consequently, there would be a Brigitte married to a Macron, the day of Laurence Trogneux.

Inconsistencies in the life of Brigitte Macron?

According to Natacha Rey, the photos of Brigitte Macron that we find in the press and the media are, therefore, false or tampered with.

In the portraits of the first lady of France, we see several pictures which, according to the journalist, are either her daughter Tiphaine Auzière or other people with altered faces.

Take the example, which often appeared in the media and the official story of Brigitte Macron, of a political leaflet.

We find Brigitte Auzière in the candidates for a municipal election in Alsace.

According to Natacha Rey, the face does not correspond to Brigitte Macron.

The Facts & Documents magazine enlarged the image to make it sharper and more readable. This is what the picture looks like after the "restore".

If the face does not resemble that of Brigitte Macron, the "restoration" of the image also seems too extensive.

The front looks smoother and more "rounded" compared to the original.

Did the journalist Natacha Rey and Faits & Document purposely modify this face so much to believe that it is not Brigitte Auzière?

Another well-known image of Brigitte Macron that Natacha Rey questions, her communion photo.

When looking for a photo of Brigitte Macron as a child on the Internet, we always find this image disclosed by the family as part of a documentary broadcast on France 3.

But for Natacha Rey, the young girl prepared for her communion would be Tiphaine, her daughter.

According to Natacha Rey, the photo would have been aged.

Last image of Brigitte Macron young, during her 1st marriage to André Louis Auzière.

Natacha Rey and Faits & Documents did the same work on the image: zooming in on the face and restoring the photo. For them, the beginning does not correspond to Brigitte Macron.

Here again, we find the image far too reworked for this thesis to be possible.

Even if this image does not look like Brigitte, the face has been smoothed out, modified, perhaps to support Natacha Rey's theory?

As stated in the introduction, it is also up to the reader to decide and draw their conclusions.


Lots of guesses that are unverifiable, grey areas. Supposed errors are not taken into account by the supporters of this crazy theory on the web, as the silence of the Trogneux family and the media on this investigation is deafening. During his lifetime, a photo of Brigitte Macron with her three young children, Jean Michel Trogneux and André Louis Auzière, with his wife and children would silence all his crazy and critical theories for him, the first lady.

Brigitte Macron has also announced, through her lawyer, that she was going to file a complaint. The media call this theory transphobic, but none have debunked this crazy story. We also understand the silence of Brigitte Macron, who does not want to "prove" her "existence" to conspirators, who will always find a plot in her explanations. This is also the great misfortune of conspiracy theories. Each proof brought can give ground to grind to the conspirators.

But with nearly 30,000 #jeanmicheltrogneux mentions per day on Twitter for almost a week, it would still be time to know if Natacha Rey and Faits & Documents have propagated the best-built fake news possible and the least debunkable of all.

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